SoapDock Questions

What is the SoapDock?

The SoapDock is a biodegradable cellulose sponge made from the cellulose fibers of trees.

How does the SoapDock work?

Soap that sits in a soap dish collects water and makes your soap soft and leaves caked on soap residue in your soap dish or holder. The SoapDock absorbs the excess water to keep your soap dry. It also acts as a barrier to your soap dish and collects some of the soap residue. You won’t have to scrape caked on soap from your soap dish or soap holder again.

Why should I use the SoapDock instead of an ordinary sponge?

The SoapDock is perfectly designed to fit on the sink and in your shower or bathtub soap holders. It does not have to be cut or modified. The SoapDock and all it’s packaging are 100% biodegradable.

The packaging is biodegradable?

Yes. I package the SoapDock in biodegradable cellulose from sustained forests. The packaging will biodegrade in a home composting pile in 2-3 weeks.

What size is the SoapDock?

It comes compressed and when activated with water increases in size. In its compressed form it is 2 1/4″ x 3 3/4″ x 1/16″. The length and width expands about 1/4″ and the thickness increases to about 3/4″.

How many come in a pack?

There are 2 SoapDocks per package.

What colors do you have?

I currently offer the SoapDock in white. I felt that white is a neutral color for all bathrooms. Additional colors may be added at a later date.

How often should it be cleaned?

I recommend that you rinse out your SoapDock at least a few times a week by holding it under running water and squeezing the excess soap residue out. If you are using hand crafted soap, you may need to rinse out more often.

How long will the SoapDock last?

It does collect the excess soap residue and will get dirty over time. It also does not dry out completely so it may collect bacteria and for that reason you should replace it every couple of months. Some of you may like your bathroom sinks to always “look” clean. The SoapDock will eliminate the caked on soap from your sink rim or soap dish, but it does get dirty quicker at the sink depending on how many people in the household wash their hands throughout the day. You may need to replace your SoapDock more often if this is the case. I offer a monthly automatic replenishment with our 2 pack option AND free shipping for you.

How do I dispose of the SoapDock?

Please don’t throw the used SoapDock in the trash. You can cut it up and put in a composting pile or mix it in potting and garden soil. It will absorb excess water and release the moisture when the plants need it. It will biodegrade in time. If that is too much work, then you can toss it in your green bin.

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