SoapDock Testimonials

@DrDavidPowers sharing about the Soap Dock


Hey, just got the soap docks, Teri and I love them!     Kevin of Free Agent Uprising

We use ours daily and LOVE it!     Suzette of Love 41  

I really love how everything, down to the packaging is biodegradable.     Justin of Coach Radio   

The boys (4 and 2) loved watching it "grow".  Thanks for such a neat product - now the soap won't keep slipping off the side of our shower....     Jennifer  

"Soap Dock is one awesome product!  It keeps my soap looking like it needs to be without all the oozy slime that normally develops even with bar soap holders.  I proudly keep my counters stationed with Soap Dock!      Michael  

It is really nice that I don't have to worry about a soap dish, soap slime, soft, or gooey soap.  It is a simple idea, executed right, that actually works.  Great product.  I got what I paid for.     Neal  

My husband and I use bar soap in our shower and we keep the soap away from the water for the most part, but the soap dock has helped with saving little soap pieces and keeping the tub cleaner.  LOVE IT!    Wendy 

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