Rugged Man Gift Pack - FREE SHIPPING

The Rugged Man Gift Pack makes a great gift for any man. Give it to the man in your life for his birthday, for Father's Day or just because you care about his manhood. Need a gift for groomsmen? This makes the perfect gift. 

What's Included:

4 Bars of Rugged Mountain Man Soap - Choose the bar you want to give. The most popular are Campfire, Gold Rush, Lumberjack and Mountain Trail. Does he have a beard? Give him Grizzly Bear'd!

The Art of Manliness book - The best how to book on skills every man needs to know in today's world where men have become more civilized and lost the art of manly skills. All books are slightly used. 

Strike Master Survival Tool - The best tool I've found to start a campfire without a match. The tool has a wood handle, magnesium stick, flint stick and scraper. Comes with instructions on how to use. It takes some practice but can be used to ignite dry or damp tinder, gas and used as a signal and light. 

Handmade Hemp and Cotton Washcloth - This washcloth is made by the Rugged Soapmaker. He's a soapmaker and learning how to sew to make these fine washcloths. They are between 10.5 - 11 inches square and are made with 55% hemp and 45% cotton. They have been pre-washed and should not shrink. 

Soap Dock - The earth friendly, disposable soap holder. Used in the shower soap dish or in a dish next to the sink to keep your soap from sitting in a puddle of water and getting soft. Made to help your soap last longer. Packaging and product or completely biodegradable. 



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