Grizzly Bear'd

Caution- This soap is too powerful for woman parts.

You may look like a bear. You may act like a bear. You may even smell like a bear. But one thing I know is that you take pride in your Bear’d. That’s why I have taken pride in making the perfect beard soap.

This bar is a culmination of 9 months worth of testing to create a beard soap worthy to be part of the Mountain Man Soap line.

It’s made with the oils of palm, coconut, hempseed, olive and avocado. The lye is made from pure earth filtered mountain spring water and sodium hydroxide. It is the only bar without ground oatmeal providing a smooth silky feel. It’s scent is from the essential oils of tea tree, eucalyptus, peppermint and menthol.

This bar is made for beards and should last you a while. It won't last if you use it on your body, but since you are a Mountain Man, I know you don't bathe that often. Some mountain men have even used it to wash their hair.

Here is what a few of my beta testers have said;

ABSOLUTELY love it!! Best product I have ever used. Out of the blue after just a few days my wife said, "Your face looks better... is clearer; more even in tone." She read through the ingredients and after each she would say, "that's good for... This is good for.... that's good for that..." Through the list. So I said, "Oh, that explains why it works so well.” Scott Stearman

“This soap lathers up really great in the beard and washes away smoothly. My beard is softer with the soap than it is with my wife's fancy froo-froo shampoos that promise soft and smooth hair.” Dr David Powers

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