I appreciate your interest in my product and it’s and honor to create this soap for you. I only use the best ingredients and pure earth filtered mountain spring water that I personally get from the source in the Sierra Nevada Mountains here in California.

Mountain Man Soap is the first all natural hand-made soap for the rugged mountain man. I’ve created these bars to make the perfect soap for men who love the ruggedness of the outdoors, those who aspire to add some outdoor adventure to their life or those who just don't like using bars made for women. 

The Water

The Water

The first ingredient in any hand-made soap requires water. Without it you can’t make it. Most soap makers use ordinary tap water or filtered water in their recipe. What separates Mountain Man Soap from all the rest IS the water.

In my travels throughout the mountains of California, I came across a natural spring high up in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. The purest water one could find. There aren't many places left in the wild where you can drink directly from the source and get fresh spring water that tastes like nothing you’ve ever drank. To experience taking your hand, dipping it into a cool spring and savoring every last drop the way we used to is amazing.

This pure, earth filtered water is the only water used in creating Mountain Man Soap. 

The Soap

The Soap

Each batch is carefully blended with the oils of palm, coconut, hempseed and olive. I add sodium hydroxide to the water to create lye which is the base needed for the chemical reaction with the oils (acids) in order to saponify (solidify). I mix in a combination of grapefruit seed extract and vegetable glycerine for their preservative properties. I add aloe vera gel, essential or fragrance oils (sometimes a combination of both) to create the perfect scent representing the outdoors and either ground oatmeal or hempseed flour to create the rugged texture in each bar. Some bars have a natural mineral mixed in to create color.

Every batch is then hand cut and set aside to cure for 3 - 4 weeks. I only ship out fresh soap. You will never receive soap that is older than 4 months. The shelf life is up to a year, but over time the scent will diminish and the soap may become rancid. The Rugged Dozen may last you between 4 to 8 months.  

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The Soapmaker

The Soapmaker

I’m an outdoorsman and use the outdoors to relax and sustain my wild heart. I blog and podcast about the emotional, mental, physical and spiritual benefits of spending time in nature at S'more Outdoor.

I’ve been making soap since 1994 and think of myself as an artist. I began selling my soap after the encouragement of others to share my gift with the world. I’ve always thought it would be a blast to make a living with my soap, but it was important for me to have a top quality product and a brand that represented who I am and those who I would serve. After many unsuccessful attempts trying to create the recipe for my artisan soap, I finally found a combination that worked. For years I struggled with a name that I could be proud of. Then one day I was thinking about my brand, with my double bit axe in hand as I was chopping firewood, and I asked myself “how can I put me in my soap?”

As my axe split the log in two, the crack of the wood inspired the answer. “Men like the grittiness of my soap and the mountains are where I’d rather be”.

“That’s it!” I said, and Mountain Man Soap was born.

I redesigned my soap by increasing their size, emulating scents found in the wild and adding more grit to make them the rugged bars they are today.

These bars are made for you. You have a rugged, wild heart and would rather spend your time out in the woods. But when you can’t, you can bathe with the soap that will remind you where you come from. Where you need to be.

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Helpful Information


The Rugged 2 Pack, 3 Pack, 4 pack and Dozen, were created so you could customize the scents you want.  I ship by USPS Flat Rate shipping due to the weight of the soap.

You may want to add a Soap Dock to your order, which I recommend. You can add one when you are customizing your order.

If your not sure what bars to buy, pick the Rugged Sampler pack so you can select the scents that may be right for you. 

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The Scents

I do my best to create unique scents that remind me of the outdoors and I hope they do for you as well. No one can create an exact replica of what God has created for us, but I believe the scents I have created come a little closer.

One Bar Guarantee


If after ordering your soap you’re unhappy with the way one smells, please contact me and I’ll take care of you. Due to the nature of personal care products, I do not accept returns.

I appreciate your business and look forward to hearing about your experience with Mountain Man Soap.

The Rugged Soapmaker