Frequently Asked Questions

How big are the bars?

Each bar weighs a half a pound or more. They're roughly 4" x 2.5" x 1.5" when cut but do shrink as they cure. 

How long does your soap last?

That depends on what you're asking.

If you are asking about the shelf life, up to a year. The oils used in hand made soap will go rancid and start to brown. I use a preservative to help them last, but I wouldn’t keep them around after a year. They will still clean you though. They just won’t smell or look good.

If you are asking about their use. I need to ask you, How often do you bathe? All kidding aside, I use my soap to wash everything, including my hair. It lasts me least 14 washes.  

Those who signed up for a subscription service add 4 bars every 3 months. 

I received a bar that says “Curing. Ready for use after…”. What does this mean?

The longer the soap sits, the harder it becomes and the longer it lasts. After about 4 weeks, the bar is ready to use.

What are shipping costs?

It depends on the order amount. Due to the weight of the soap, I charge a flat rate fee.

$36.99 and under is $7.00

$37.00 and up is FREE

Do you ship internationally?

I will ship to Canada.

$34.99 and under is $24.95

$35.00 and up is $45.95

I have a problem with my skin, will your soap help me?

I do not claim that my soap will help with any skin issue you may have or that it does anything for you other than getting you clean. If you would like to learn more about the benefits of the ingredients I use in my soap, a quick Google or Wikipedia search will help you learn more.

I can tell you though, just like eating less sugar and saturated fat and adding more fruits and vegetables to your diet has an impact on your weight, what you apply on the outside can have a similar impact. 

What happens if I get soap in my eyes?

If you get soap in your eyes, it will burn. It’s soap. Wash it out immediately.

Can I eat your soap?

Even though it’s made with natural oils, it still doesn’t taste good.

Can I carve things out of your soap?

Absolutely! Check out these pictures.

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