Campfire Smoke Scent

A campfire serves as light, to keep you warm, as a beacon, to deter predators, to cook and for a psychological sense of security.

For thousands of years man has gathered wood, lit a flame and enjoyed it’s crackling sound and the scent it leaves behind.

It’s a place to gather and share stories of the day. As you sit and stare into the dancing flame, it mesmerizes you, inspires thought and ignites old memories long forgotten.

This bar is scented perfectly with a mixture of pine essential oil and a smoke scented fragrance that represents the smokey smell after a good burning fire.

It will stimulate your senses and awaken your rugged heart.

It’s made with the oils of palm, coconut, hempseed and olive. The lye is made from pure earth filtered mountain spring water and sodium hydroxide. It’s rugged texture comes from ground oatmeal and the black smokey marble coloring is created with activated charcoal.