LumberJack Sawdust Scent

A Mountain Man has to provide. He needs the basic necessities such as food, clothing and shelter. He was the first of the Lumberjacks.

The life of a lumberjack wasn’t easy. The work was difficult and dangerous. These men were strong, resistant to modern lifestyle and enjoyed the confrontation with danger.They lived for cutting through a giant tree with their double bit axe or saw in hand. Crafting their shelter from a felled tree.

This bar was created to capture the essence of the lumberjack lifestyle and the scent of fresh cut wood.

It’s the worlds first bar of soap to contain redwood sawdust which gives the bar it’s reddish color and scented with a sawdust fragrance. It doesn’t smell exactly like a lumber mill but pretty close. 

It’s made with the oils of palm, coconut, hempseed and olive. The lye is made from pure earth filtered mountain spring water and sodium hydroxide. It’s rugged texture comes from ground oatmeal and redwood sawdust.

Disclaimer: I did my best to sift out the splinters from the redwood sawdust so be careful around your manly parts!